About Me

Gus Smith
San Francisco, Summer 2018.
(photo cred @jenniekimphotography)

Gus Smith

Architecture PhD student interested in applying knowledge in programming languages to wacky, nontraditional, heterogeneous architectures.

School’s website is cs.washington.edu, and I am gussmith at this address.

Longer version: I am pursuing my PhD at the University of Washington’s Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering in Seattle. My advisor is Luis Ceze.

I am currently working on bringing custom datatype support into the TVM stack. Generally, my research interests lie in the domains of computer architecture and programming languages. I am especially fascinated with exploring how to make programming even easier, even as the underlying architectures get more complex. I am looking for internships for 2019 and beyond. I love working on software, especially in languages and on platforms I know nothing about. In Summer 2018, I completed an internship at Google in San Francisco, implementing the Bluetooth protocol RFCOMM for Google’s new OS, Fuchsia. I have modern C++ experience (from personal projects, from my work on Fuchsia, and from my work as a developer on Chrome), solid C and Linux experience through coursework, and some professional Java experience working on both the open-source Android tree and internal tools at Google.