University of Washington

Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering

Pursuing Ph.D. since fall of 2018. Advised by Luis Ceze and Zach Tatlock. I work at the intersection of computer architecture and programming languages, exploring how we can use concepts from programming languages to make hardware design easier and the software/hardware boundary more seamless.

Penn State

The Schreyer Honor’s College

Graduated with combined M.S./B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering in spring of 2018. Advised by Vijaykrishnan Narayanan and John Sampson.

Research Projects

Real-time Machine Learning


In 2019, we will begin working on a project to automatically generate machine learning accelerators from machine learning software workloads expressed in Relay.

Bring Your Own Datatypes


I have been working on allowing for the exploration of new, nontraditional datatypes (i.e., alternatives to IEEE 754 floating point) in TVM, a deep learning compiler.

Static Analysis for Processing in Memory Accelerator Design

PSU Microsystems Design Lab

Completed as my Master’s thesis at Penn State. Given a model of accelerating computation using Processing in Memory, I used LLVM to statically analyze workloads and detect potentially offloadable code sections.

ThirdEye: Shopping Assistant for the Visually Impaired

PSU Microsystems Design Lab

My undergraduate research at Penn State involved building a wearable system to assist the visually impaired in everyday tasks.

Industry Experience


Research Intern, AI and Advanced Architectures

In summer of 2019, I used my compilers experience to statically analyze deep learning workloads.


Software Engineering Intern, Fuchsia

In summer of 2018, I implemented the RFCOMM protocol for one of Google’s OSes, Fuchsia.


Software Engineering Intern, Chrome

In summer of 2017, I helped the Chrome Remote Desktop team identify and implement optimizations for embedded devices such as the Raspberry Pi.


Software Engineering Intern, Android Internal Tools

In summer of 2016, I completed an internship writing Java-based Android profiling tools.