My advisor, Zach, often says that you’re never truly scooped. Regardless, if you can’t get it out of your mind that you’ve been scooped, it might be helpful to think about it in the following positive light. When you started working on whatever you are working on, you were presumably motivated by some need. You were at point A and wanted to get to point B, but there was some gap between them. So you came up with an intermediate goal, C, which has now been scooped. Yet, if you’ve really been scooped, this means you may be able to get to B! Though it may be hard to ignore the hard work you put in to get to C, try to rekindle your excitement about the original goal. This will likely get you thinking about how the scoopster’s solution to C can be used to get you to B…at which point, you’ll likely realize that there are still problems it’s not solving, that you handle in your solution!