Two people in a small community pass each other on a run. They meet at the top of their respective loops; in truth, they are on the same loop, but in opposite directions. They wave and smile without thinking. On the way back, one of them imagines all possible routes which would cause them to pass each other again. They are, in fact, close to neighbors; they both live on the bottommost street of the neighborhood, separated by only two houses. And so he was thinking…he was thinking, if they only passed each other at the top of their loops, they must have started moving away from each others’ houses, and not towards; but in his head, he could find no combination of paths which resulted in them passing again.

He was still thinking about it as he stretched on his porch, the light of the day giving no indication to morning, noon, or evening, when his neighbor once again passed on the dirt road in front of his house. They didn’t wave this time.