Somewhere, there’s a recording of the following conversation:

Person 1: You’re gonna hate to hear this–

Person 2: Lay it on me. It’s not like the other stuff wasn’t [indistinguishable].

[Subdued laughter. A metal chair slides on a concrete floor, and a third voice says something away from the mic. The sound echoes in the hollow room.]

Person 1: Yeah. Anyway, there’s a few parts to this. First, God was in the ocean.

[Brief silence.]

Person 2: Okay.

Person 1: It was in the ocean, but from what we can tell, it went to the moon.

[Again, off mic, we hear the echoey sounds of a third person’s voice.]

Person 1: Yeah. Fled. Fled to the moon. But something else killed it before we got there.


Person 2: …and let me guess—no questions from me at this time?

Person 1: Sorry.