Last updated March 7th, 2019.

Welcome to Gus Smith's Homepage

Gus Smith
San Francisco, Summer 2018.
(photo cred @jenniekimphotography)

Short version: Architecture PhD student interested in applying knowledge in programming languages to wacky, nontraditional, heterogeneous architectures. School's website is, and I am gussmith at this address.

Longer version: I am pursuing my PhD at the University of Washington's Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering in Seattle. My advisor is Luis Ceze.

I am currently working on bringing custom datatype support into the TVM stack. Generally, my research interests lie in the domains of computer architecture and programming languages. I am especially fascinated with exploring how to make programming even easier, even as the underlying architectures get more complex.

I am looking for internships for 2019 and beyond. I love working on software, especially in languages and on platforms I know nothing about. In Summer 2018, I completed an internship at Google in San Francisco, implementing the Bluetooth protcol RFCOMM for Google's new OS, Fuchsia. I have modern C++ experience (from personal projects, from my work on Fuchsia, and from my work as a developer on Chrome), solid C and Linux experience through coursework, and some professional Java experience working on both the open-source Android tree and internal tools at Google.

You can find out more information about (the professional version of) me on my LinkedIn page, and in smaller part on my Github page.

You can find out more information about (the fun version of) me on my blog, and also on my Github page. Some of my favorite projects: