Last updated May 16th, 2020.

Gus Smith


I’m a PhD student at the University of Washington’s Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering in Seattle, working with Luis Ceze and Zach Tatlock. My goal is to help architects craft new, wacky, nontraditional architectures—and to help everyone else program them—by building the next generation of hardware design tools, programming languages, and compilers. I see computer architecture and programming languages as two sides of the same coin, and my research seeks to bridge the gap between the fields. (If you’re an undergrad/master’s student looking for a project and this resonates with you, check out this page!)

I’m currently working on Glenside, a tool for simultaneously designing hardware and software for accelerating deep learning workloads. Glenside represents hardware and software together in a single language; rewrites over this language change the hardware–software split. We use this representation to explore the massive hardware–software design space.

Previously, I worked on bringing custom datatype support into the TVM stack via my “Bring Your Own Datatypes” framework.

I’ve had many great internships in industry, and I’m always looking for more! In the summer of 2019, I worked with Marco Heddes on static analysis of TVM/Relay programs as part of Azure’s AI and Advanced Architectures team. I’ve also interned a bunch at Google: implementing the Bluetooth protocol RFCOMM for Fuchsia with Marie Janssen, improving the Chrome Remote Desktop experience on Raspberry Pis with Scott Nichols, and working with Mona El Mahdy on profiling Android apps.

I’m lucky to have called Pennsylvania home throughout all the previous chapters of my life, having lived there until 2018 when I started a new chapter in Seattle. I grew up in Mountain Top (in the Wyoming Valley, outside of Wilkes-Barre) and have traveled to/lived in all corners of the state. I did my BS/MS at Penn State with Vijay Narayanan and Jack Sampson.

In my free time, I write fiction and poetry, program, climb, surf, run, and just generally try to enjoy life in and around Seattle.