Gus and Drew in Chicago

October 2022: Visiting Drew in Chicago

Washington State Ferry leaving Anacortes for Orcas Island

September 2022: I took this photo while waiting for the ferry to Orcas Island, on my way to run the Moran Constitutional Relay with the CSE department’s running club, Race Condition Running.

A smoky Seattle morning giving interesting color to the morning light

September 2022: A smoky Seattle morning giving interesting color to the morning light coming through my kitchen window.

Gus and Spencer

September 2022: I took a trip to see Spencer in Florida! Spencer and I at the beach.

Gus and Spencer

Spencer and I on the Keys.

Sunset from Key Largo

Sunset from Key Largo.

Beibin, Gus, and Chien-Yu at the top of Pineapple Pass

February 2022: Beibin, myself, and Chien-Yu after skinning to the top of Pineapple Pass

Eric skinning up Jim Hill

February 2022: Eric skinning up Jim Hill

Tim and Gus in Hawaii

January 2022: Tim and I in Hawaii!

Snow day in Seattle

February 2021: Snow day in Seattle. I take sledding very seriously.

Collin and Gus at Westport

March 15th, 2020: Collin and I on my first surf trip to Westport trip of 2020 (and last, before the coronavirus shutdown!)

Zach, Gus, and Luis after Gus's quals

February 24th, 2020: Zach, myself, and Luis after my qualifying presentation!

Collin and Gus squatting

February 7th, 2020: Collin and I matching in almost every way at his apartment-warming party!

PLSE beers

January 2020: Maybe the last in-person PLSE beers before coronavirus shutdowns? (Zach’s behind the camera)

Michaela and Gus

December 31st, 2019/January 1st, 2020: Michaela and I in our animal onesies in the aftermath of New Year’s Eve!

Olga's at Halloween

October 2019: Halloween 2019 with this band of fools. Poor Olga.

Leavenworth bouldering

October 2019: We took a trip to Leavenworth to boulder!

Leavenworth bouldering

This face says, “I climb V1s outside. In jeans”

Leavenworth bouldering

The real climbers, sizing up real problems. Nick and Christian were the first ones to take us climbing outside; it was awesome to get to go to Leavenworth with them.

Leaving Leavenworth bouldering

Hiking out. Washington is beautiful!

Mike and Gus

September 2019: I was best man for my lifelong friend Mike.

Gus dancing at Mike's wedding

He regretted asking me once I hit the dancefloor.

Brennan and sleeping Gus

While back on the east coast, I visited New York. My friend Brennan put me up, and after driving all the way from Mike’s wedding in Virginia, I was out like a light.

Michaela at Sheetz

I got to bring Michaela back to PA during this trip! She was thoroughly astounded by Sheetz, as we all are.

Anthony, Tim, and Collin

The trip back east culminated with Josh and Ciara’s wedding! I love this picture of Tony, Tim, and Collin, from the reception.

My Dad and a bird

Sometime in 2019: My dad and a bird.

Michaela and Gus

September 2019: Michaela took me to Kansas City for her brother’s wedding!

Michaela and Gus

Another great one from the wedding!

End of the surf day in Manotoloking

August 2019: We had a combined bachelor/bachelorette party for Josh and Ciara in New Jersey! As I was driving my rental car from Philly, Collin called to ask if I’d make it in time for a sundown surf session. I went straight to the beach. I took this photo after our session. One of my favorite memories from 2019!!

Boys on the Beach

Bachelors, partying.

Tony passes us on the highway

August 17th, 2019: Tim and Amar visited us in Seattle. Took this great picture on the way back to the city from floating on the Snoqualmie.

Too old for caps

That same night, we discover we can’t play caps like we used to.

Seattle roadtrip

September 9th–14th, 2018: Road tripping to Seattle!

Mount Rushmore

On September 11th, we passed two important American monuments. First, Mount Rushmore…

Wall Drug

…and second, Wall Drug.

Devil's Tower

Saw Devil’s Tower too, of course. Maybe the coolest stop!

Celebratory caps (drawing)

We celebrated my arrival with caps, best captured in this drawing.

September clouds above Pennsylvania's Wyoming Valley

September 6th, 2018: I took this picture of clouds amassing over the Wyoming Valley just before I moved. I knew I’d miss PA’s summer storms. I wasn’t wrong!

Susquehannock State Forest woods

August 2018: Before I moved to Seattle, we took a trip to the woods of north central PA, in the Susquehannock State Forest near Ole Bull.

Susquehannock State Forest woods

Another great pic from Susquehannock State Forest.

Gus in New Jersey

We also got together in New Jersey!

Sunrise in New Jersey

…and accidentally stayed up until the sunrise on our first night

Brooklyn Bridge at Night

I made one last stop in New York before moving for good!

Vijay, Gus, and France

May 2018: My Master’s coadvisor Vijay, myself, and former NSF director France Córdova at my graduation from Penn State.