I want to use this to log my experiences in the world of Seattle house shows. My experiences with house shows came later in life for me, just as I was leaving State College at the end of my Masters. Now, in 2020, I figure I have a limited number of years I can still be part of this scene—better late than never.

I want this to be a resource for people like me—genuinely curious, well-intentioned people searching for the scene in a rather quiet city. I’d be naive to think that that’s the only group this might reach, though. As such, I’ll only post what I can already find hints of online; you’ll still have to put in the work to find the places.

I hope this can serve as a good jumping-off point for others trying to enter the scene!

Hot Yoga House

First house show I went to in Seattle. We saw Fun Parents and Porn Bloopers, among others. Great show and great people!