I have a few goals lingering:

  1. Blog-ify LATTE thoughts
  2. Make project proposal for UCSB people

Other than that, I have these goals:

  1. I think Arxiv draft should actually be done by this week, if I don’t plan to work on the weekend. I think this is doable; I have a “case studies” section I’m writing right now, and then I need an intro and a related work section, and then it’s probably good.
  2. I want to get BYOC working for at least the dense layers, for the RTML project.

Goal Recap

Regarding the Arxiv draft: I didn’t finish it this week, though my internal deadline was the end of the month (i.e. in three days). I’m on track to have a skeleton of the technical content done and ready to read. I need an intro (hard) and a related work section (easier). The intro is something I need external help with, while the related work I can do myself.

I got BYOC up and running (ish), and need to package it up into our new shared repository. So I’ll call that one mostly done.

I’m still spending a lot of my time on the Glenside web demo, because, well, it’s fun.