What Do I Do?

Always Be Writing Something

I just finished my first deadline push, and having done so, I can say I benefitted immensely from the fact that I forced myself to write daily semi-consistently over the past year. With all said and done, I only wish I had written more frequently! Or perhaps focused on different things (e.g. writing the first draft of the evaluation section or making the first draft of the figures—things that take serious mental effort and that you don’t want to do close to the deadline).

My suggestion to myself is to always be writing, and more specifically, always be writing something. Know what your target is and work a little on it every day. Even if it’s far off. Especially if it’s far off! Even if it seems unimportant, like writing a blog post.

Consistent productivity sounds like a chore, sounds like a thing of discipline, but it’s very freeing. It does take discipline, of course. But in the end, 25 minutes a day (which is what I do) is nothing, and often leaves me wanting more, but when I lay down to sleep I feel like I’ve done something.

Reflection on Goals

This week also slipped by, eaten up by a DARPA video I had to make, among other things. Hopefully this won’t keep happening.