Happy New Year! Still going (somewhat) strong on the research journals.


  • Set up meetings re: DNA synthesis project and FPGA synthesis project.
  • Schedule meetings with advisor, undergrads, labs, project groups.

What Do I Do?

What Am I Writing?

  • Writing something for my work at Google.
  • Writing the next Glenside paper, though we’re not fully sure what that is yet.
    • It’ll either be an ICFP submission on the formalization of Glenside, or it’ll be a deeper Relay-Glenside integration paper.
  • I’d love to begin writing something for the DNA work.
  • I should begin writing something for the FPGA synthesis work.

I’m working on bringing a bunch of our work from a PLDI push into the Glenside repository. Basically, there’s a ton of hacks that we put together to make things work; to clean things up, I either want to bring things into mainline or move them out to another repository where appropriate. Basically, the goal is to minimize the number of paper-specific changes that exist on top of mainline Glenside. I think my only reason for this, though, is that needing to have forks of every repository we use (mainly Glenside and TVM) is frustrating, and it’d be very satisfying if we could say that we built everything off of the mainline versions of both of these projects. To that end, I also spent a bunch of time moving some of our work into TVM.

Another goal of this is to maintain commit history, mainly so that contribution history is still there for my undergrads. I do this because I actually look at people’s GitHub contributions frequently—I think it’s a good marker of how technically involved someone is.

Reflection on Goals