• Write up ISA generation algorithm for Zach.
  • Pair program importing a model with Vishal and Andrew.
  • Plan weeks up until Generals.
  • Plan my Google part time work.
  • Look into evaluations for Lakeroad: MachSuite, demos I can scrape from Xilinx Vitis.

What Am I Writing?

  • Generals report, first and foremost.
  • Writing up my work at Google.
  • Will probably open paper templates with Vishal/Andrew for the OOPSLA 3LA verification paper, and also with Lancelot for the DNA circuit synthesis work.

Reflection on Goals

  • Wrote up the ISA generation algorithm.
  • Pair-programmed with them.
  • Didn’t plan my weeks til generals.
  • Did plan for google.
  • Didn’t expand Lakeroad evals much, but made other, more important progress.