• Make 9 month plan for ASPLOS
  • Prototype multi-slice synthesis (first with Rosette)
  • Set up Yosys on RTML machine (or get Scott to)
  • Start Generals slides, budget time for working on those daily

What Do I Do?

I’m a PhD student specializing in how programming languages and compilers techniques can be used in interesting ways in the world of heterogeneous hardware. I’m especially interested in the idea that hardware design, software design, and compiler design are, at a fundamental, philosophical level, the same process. In my PhD, I’m searching for ways to express this gut feeling, and working on tools which aim to show it may have some truth behind it.

What Am I Writing?

  • Google stuff
  • Generals report

Hardware and software are separate. That’s an artifact of history. Computer science was theoretical; it was math. It was informed by the fact that computing machines could be built, but it was not constrained by the computing machines of the day. Hardware design was

Reflection on Goals