What needs to be done on the generals draft?

  • Finish intro draft (1hr, mostly already done!)
  • Draft Lakeroad section (5hrs)
  • Organize and write related work section (8hrs)
  • Trim out the relevant portions of 3LA and Glenside papers (2hrs)
  • Fix citations, links, images, etc. (1hr)

  • Monday
    • finish ADA slides
    • record ADA video
    • repurpose slides for CRISP thing and upload
    • finish intro draft
    • fix citations
  • Tuesday
    • trim out relevant portions of 3LA and Glenside papers
  • Wednesday
    • organize and write the related work section
      1. categorize each paper into high-level category
      2. group them all physically by category
      3. write paragraphs for each category
  • Thu
  • Friday
    • finish Lakeroad section draft
    • send to committee!

State as of Friday:

  • Abstract
  • Intro
  • Related work
  • Glenside
  • 3LA
  • Lakeroad
  • Timeline

I’d like to send out a draft by tonight. Perhaps I’ll send it just to Zach, or just to Zach and Luis. What can I finish by the end of tonight? Definitely the intro. Definitely partially finished related work and Lakeroad sections. Perhaps I’ll just leave the Glenside and 3LA portions stubbed out for now.