Here’s the list I made on Friday:

  1. Glenside section.
    1. Write Glenside paragraph/sentences in the intro.
    2. Write Glenside section opening paragraph(s).
    3. Merge Glenside paper in.
      1. Insert Glenside text
      2. fix errors
      3. reword??
  2. 3LA section.
    1. Write 3LA paragraph/sentences in the intro.
    2. Write 3LA section opening paragraph(s).
    3. Merge 3LA paper in.
      1. Insert 3LA text
        • What sections do I need?
      2. fix errors
      3. reword??
  3. Lakeroad.
    1. Impelementation.
    2. Evaluation.
    3. Initial results.
  4. Related work.
  5. Cleanup.
    1. Conclusion.
    2. Figures.
    3. Fix cites.
  6. Ship!

What’s my goal for Saturday and Sunday? Well I want to ship by Sunday. It would be really cool if I could get all text out on paper today, and leave tomorrow for polish.

What else is there to write? Lakeroad section. There’s also still content in the related work section to be written, though that’s much lower priority.

Saturday evening.

I won’t get to related work tonight. I think I’ll try to finish Lakeroad (perhaps with holes) and do some polish on the rest of the sections, in an effort to leave tomorrow just for related work.

Sunday afternoon.

Need to finish related work. Lakeroad is mostly done. Still need to merge Glenside and 3LA. I feel like I’m pushing off related work. I’ll do some organization of it right now, and then switch to merging Glenside/3LA (ideally finishing them), and then come back to related work.

I’m close, but there’s still text to be written for related work, and I’m definitely dragging.


DOCUMENT SHIPPED LAST NIGHT! Woohoo! Now I can just work on slides! I’m dragging, though. A bit burnt out.

What’s the status of the slides?

  • Intro is looking pretty good story-wise. Still needs audio and diagrams finished, but it’s probably the furthest along. Ready to go over with Zach.
  • Thesis. Text is there, but not much else. Probably worth getting at least sketches of diagrams ready to go over w/ Zach.
  • “Related work” section, like in the doc? I don’t even have one at the moment!
  • Glenside slides are completely unmerged right now. Core idea to get from Glenside: explain language at the highest level (if even??) and then show some of the transformations it allows.
  • 3LA slides are also completely unmerged. Core idea to get from 3LA: Glenside is useful in practice. Show data.
  • Lakeroad section needs a lot of work. This probably deserves the most attention over the next week. I could pretty easily let myself get sucked in to the other parts.

Time-wise, Lakeroad section is the largest section that’s the most incomplete. I shouldn’t leave Glenside and 3LA sections to the last minute, but both of those sections have slides and scripts already. 3LA section might need additional or different slides, as it was originally 5mins, but not too much hopefully. Glenside will be fine, it has like 30mins of content or something like that. Cutting useful bits out might actually be the hard part.

So here’s what I think I should focus on. High level goal for tomorrow afternoon is to have the talk outlined: that is, all major beats of the talk in placeholder slides, though the slides themselves will definitely not be done.

To achieve this goal, I think I just need to focus on outlining the Lakeroad section today.


Slides are ready to go over with Zach. After I do that I’ll get to work on the Lakeroad section.

Wednesday afternoon.

Slides are in a pretty good state. Audio isn’t written yet, though I’ve been writing it a bit in my head as I make the slides. I realize I should go the opposite direction, but making the visuals is the more daunting task for me, so I chose to make the most important ones first.

  • Intro is drafted but not polished.
  • Thesis is pretty untouched, though I’m not sure how much I really need to do here.
  • Glenside section is cut down to just the first half, which should be about 8 minutes. The audio for that is written already. I still need to make the transition into/out of this section smoother, though.
  • 3LA section: I didn’t do much here. I’m worried I’ll need to add more. In which case I want to start sooner rather than later. What could I need to add? I should add specific optimizations that Glenside discovers. I can move stuff over from Glenside slides. The im2col slides, if they exist.
  • Lakeroad section: Still need to do end-to-end, proposed evaluation. Needs a lot of polish, like intro.

I’m dragging. What do I feel best about doing? Low hanging fruit. I could knock out intro and 3LA before I leave today. Then Lakeroad would be all that remains before moving on to polish and audio.

Okay, I’ll switch to intro and 3LA for now.

Wednesday evening.

What’s left to do tomorrow before I can focus on audio and polish?

  • Improve lead-in from Glenside to 3LA. I can basically just say “I will skip the evaluation, because the next project was a much more thorough evaluation of Glenside”
  • Do a few Egg slides in the middle of 3LA
  • Add Glenside rewrite visuals after that (can copy from Lakeroad slides)
  • Tie Glenside and 3LA back to thesis after 3LA slides
  • Have to clean up the Lakeroad flow, especially around LUT packing
  • There are still a good amount of placeholder slides in Lakeroad