We failed to hit the ASPLOS deadline last week. Certainly not for want of trying; Ben and I pushed hard, and it was a hard decision to call it quits. We certainly could have submitted something, but Zach’s wisdom was this: rushing to submit a shoddy paper is actually the longer path to publication than waiting to submit a great one. Your shoddy paper will likely be rejected. Even a great paper can be rejected—the bar is very high, and randomness is involved. So the fastest path to completion is getting it as near perfect as you can (within reason, of course…you have to submit it eventually!)

Here are the tasks I can think of for the week:

  • I need to update Bo-Yuan’s table of architecture papers that don’t include an end-to-end evaluation.
  • I would like to schedule a talk on Lakeroad to get feedback from architects.
  • I need to merge the big sketch gen PR.


  • Sketch gen merged.
  • Worked on updating the Figure 1 table, but need more hands on this to get it done.
  • Didn’t schedule the talk, need to do that next week.