In 2021, I committed to trying to write a short research journal entry every week. Here are the results.

02/21/21 2021 Week 7 Research Journal
02/21/21 2021 Week 6 Research Journal
02/07/21 2021 Week 5 Research Journal
01/31/21 Notes on "SCALE-Sim: Systolic CNN Accelerator Simulator" from Samajdar et. al.
01/31/21 2021 Week 4 Research Journal
01/25/21 Notes on "The Hardware Lottery"
01/24/21 2021 Week 3 Research Journal
01/15/21 2021 Week 2 Research Journal
draft Thoughts on Reading
draft Thoughts on Feeling Threatened
draft Thoughts on Getting Scooped
draft Notes on "Twenty things I wish I’d known when I started my PhD"
draft I Will Miss This